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  • SOON
    Need a reminder why a timer was set? Take a photo and attach it to the timer.
  • SOON
    Tag your timers for easy organization and management of previous timers and events.
  • Want to easy way to time that cup of coffee? With timerany you can time any hot beverage or special dish.
  • SOON
    Do you want a timer which syncs with your Mac? timerany syncs with all your Apple devices.
  • With dynamic notifications, you can cancel, complete, pause, or edit a timer right from the home screen.
  • timerany works on all modern iPhones and uses all the latest features with iOS 10.
  • SOON
    Need to know where your timing is running? timerany can attach your timers to specific locations.
  • SOON
    If you want your timers accessible other devices, timerany can sync your timers with cloud.
  • timerany works great with the Apple Watch. Access timers and create new ones right from your watch.

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